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Keeping Your Home Safe During Holiday Vacations

Whether you’re heading out for the winter holidays or a summer vacation, it’s important to leave behind a home that will be safe while you’re away. From avoiding accidents while you’re gone to deterring burglary with help from neighbors, preparing your home for a prolonged absence requires a little bit of work and planning. Regardless of if you live in a gated community apartment or an isolated house, learn how to keep your home safe during holiday vacations.

Deterring Home Burglary While You’re Away

Successfully keeping your home safe from theft while you’re away comes down to two things: not showing that no one is home and not telling that you’ll be gone. Make sure to pause or hold delivery of your mail and newspapers while you’re away if they are going to pile up where visible. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway while you’re gone. Think about having a light or two on, or better yet, on a timer. It’s a cheap investment to avoid a burglary. And here’s a big one: don’t announce on social media that you’re heading on vacation or post pictures while you’re out. Wait until you come back to share the news.

Preparing Your Home for Prolonged Absences

Of course, home intruders aren’t the only concerns for your home if you’re going to be gone for more than a few days. Without someone home, minor problems can become major, and no one is around to perform maintenance. Plan around these problems by:

  • Managing Heating and Cooling: Keeping your home within a certain temperature range is important. Ensure the heat is set to turn on well above freezing to avoid freezing pipes, and the AC is turned on at 85 degrees or lower to avoid dangerously high heat.
  • Avoiding Water Damage: Turn off the water and power to non-essential appliances or shut off the main water if you don’t have anything that needs to keep running (like sprinklers). Put your water heater in “Vacation” mode or off, and check the pool settings before you go.
  • Keeping Away the Rot: Clean out the fridge and garbage before you go. To prevent bacterial growth, leave bleach or chlorine (a half cup or less) in toilets. If you’ve got plants, make a plan to avoid them dying: have someone come over to water or invest in self-watering options.

If it’s winter, you may have additional work ahead of you, such as making sure your attic is insulated against ice dams and you’ve prepped unheated spaces to avoid frozen pipes that may burst when you’re away. Learn more in our blog, New England Winter Damage and Your Home.

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