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What Life Events Require Increasing Liability Insurance?

We don’t really think a lot about our personal liability or that of the people around us, but there are events in our lives that make us more vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal actions. Today we will focus on when you should look at increasing liability insurance due to personal events in your life. If you’re interested in liability insurance related to a business, see our blog, What Is and Isn’t Covered by Your General Liability Business Insurance?

Buying a Home and Other Property

A home is a big investment, especially for a first-time homebuyer. But it’s also a liability risk as you have guests on the property. Injuries from slipping and falling, liability at holiday parties, and other similar risks occur when people are on your property. Buying other big-ticket items like additional cars and boats increases liability on the road or the water. It’s important to understand liability and risk and how it extends to all your property.

Your Family Grows

Whether two legs or four, having a new member of your family is always a cause for celebration! But with that responsibility also comes liability for their actions. Whether it’s a kid with a rogue fly ball or a dog that got too excited and lashed out, injuries and property damage from such encounters are going to be your duty to deal with.

Liability for Your Community Work

While Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O) is offered to protect executive officers from legal action as part of the execution of their duties, most nonprofits don’t carry similar protections. If you’re on a board of directors for a nonprofit, HOA, or similar director-level community position, you might be vulnerable to legal action that your organization doesn’t cover.

How to Increase Liability Insurance

While you could look at increasing liability insurance on all your insurance policies, you’ve got a much more effective (and affordable) option with Umbrella Insurance. As the name implies, it provides extended liability coverage to other policies it’s bundled with, including homeowners, renters, auto, and more. It also covers gaps left by most policies, including libel, slander, and false imprisonment.

Want to learn more about umbrella insurance and how it can help improve your existing (or new) insurance policies? At Safeside Insurance, we’ve been helping homeowners, car owners, and business owners navigate policies and claims for over 30 years. Our agents work with you to get the Right Insurance for the Right Price, customized to your unique situation. Contact us today, call us at 508-753-8862, or dive right into getting a quote.

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