Car breakdown or accident on winter road.

Does My Car Insurance Protect Against Snow and Ice Damage?

While Massachusetts is known for outstanding plowing during snowing in most cities and townships, there’s still a lot of snow and ice that those Nor’easters can drop on us. These situations can impact our vehicles in many ways. Sometimes that’ll mean a long commute or having to dig out a car—but sometimes those impacts are quite literal, causing costs to the car, property, or even people. When those costs occur due to snow and ice damage, will your insurance cover it? Let’s find out.

What Does MA’s Minimum Requirements Cover?

Every state (except New Hampshire) has minimum insurance requirements, with Massachusetts being middle-of-the-pack in terms of both types of insurance and minimum coverage limits. Massachusetts is a no-fault state which means no matter who causes the accident, certain insurance will always payout. They are divided into four types of car insurance:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Insurance: This protects the driver from legal liability if someone is injured by the vehicle.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This covers medical expenses, lost wages (up to 75%), and replacement service. This triggers regardless of who is at fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This protects the driver from losses in an accident caused by an uninsured or unidentified driver.
  • Property Damage Liability Insurance: Pays for damage to another person’s property that is damaged by your vehicle when it is being operated.

Want to learn more about coverages, including the minimum amounts needed? Check out our blog, What MA’s Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance Don’t Cover.

Two Types of Auto Insurance to Get: Collision & Comprehensive

You’ll notice that the above doesn’t cover two types of key insurance policies: collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. These two auto insurances focus on paying for the damage to your car especially when outside other policies or dependent on who is at fault, including when your car is parked.

Understanding Collision Insurance

This insurance focuses on not just covering when you’re at fault, but anytime damage is done to your car, whether by another vehicle, property, or another obstacle. For example, if you lost traction on an icy patch and got some body damage from a guardrail. But it should be noted it doesn’t cover damages unrelated to your driving, such as winter weather.

Understanding Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance instead covers damage from things outside of your control. This can be everything from theft or vandalism to all sorts of storm damage—including winds or hail. If a tree were to fall on your parked car during a snowstorm, comprehensive would pick up the tab.

At Safeside Insurance, we make it our job to get you the perfect insurance to fit your needs, including customizing your New England car insurance for snow and ice damage. We even do license plates if you’ve just moved here or need a new set after an unfortunate winter. Get an auto insurance quote in minutes and learn why at Safeside, we believe in the right insurance at the right price. Need more help? Contact us directly or call us at (508) 753-8862 to get started!

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