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When Should You (And Shouldn’t You) Be Bundling Insurance?

Insurance bundling isn’t a new concept—getting your various types of insurance (homeowners, auto, etc.) from the same company makes both your and your insurance provider’s life easier. Beyond the usual discount incentive, bundling insurance simplifies your logistics—things like paying bills, keeping records, and filing claims are easier. But there are times bundling insurance isn’t going to be in your best interests, especially if the savings come at the cost of quality coverage.

Lots of Insurance from Different Providers

First, let’s look at the best reason to get your insurance bundled together. While it’s easy to say it’s the discount, the best reason is to simplify your insurance experience. Having different insurance providers for different types of insurance complicates everything, from understanding coverage and paying bills to making claims and dealing with the resulting conversations, especially if you’re claiming multiple policies at the same time.

Having all your insurance bundled together solves this by having everything go through one provider, meaning one point of contact for everything—regardless of if it’s mundane things like changing coverage or vital things like filing a claim in the middle of an emergency.

Big Carriers Offer Cookie-Cutter Insurance Bundles

On the other hand, if you have to switch to worse policies in order to take advantage of bundling  or the insurance premium discounts, it’s probably not worth it. This is often a criticism leveled at big insurance companies, whose policies tend to be cookie-cutter: cheaper in their mass production but incapable of being tailored to specific circumstances and individual needs. There is a better way: talking to an independent insurance agency that has the flexibility of working with multiple carriers to find the best bundled insurance along with a local point-of-contact for your questions.

Liability Insurance: Low-Cost Umbrella Policy

While we’re talking about bundling insurance, a common accompaniment to bundled insurance policies is Umbrella Insurance. Since it provides coverage to most insurance policies and fills liability gaps between policies, it’s an easy insurance to add with a very low cost per year. To learn more about umbrella insurance, check out our blog When Should I Add Umbrella Insurance to My Existing Policies? to see if it’s a good fit.

If you’re in Massachusetts, all of us at Safeside Insurance would love to work with you to see about changing and bundling your policies for the better. We’re a family-owned and family-run insurance agency serving Worcester County and greater Massachusetts. Learn more about us and the insurance we offer! We’ve been helping individuals, families, students, and small businesses in the community find better protection and peace of mind for over 30 years. Contact us today to get started or jump right to getting a quote!

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