New England house with the leaves stating to change color in the fall.

Getting Your New England Home Ready for Fall

We hope you’re having a great time in New England this fall! It’s a magical time of year, especially for us in New England, as the leaves change color and there is a crispness in the air. However, it also means the clock is ticking to prepare for both fall leaves and the winter freeze for your home. An ounce of prevention right now in the form of home maintenance can help you avoid big problems down the line, so learn all about getting your New England home ready for fall.

New England Leaves and Your Home

Autumn is a great time to be a New Englander, but while those leaves changing colors look great on the trees, once they start falling, you can be in trouble if you don’t keep up maintenance.

  • Keeping Your Gutters Clear of Clogs: No one likes keeping their gutters clear, but not doing so can lead to a host of problems, including water damage. Regularly clean the gutters while the leaves fall to avoid clogs.
  • Get Your Chimney Cleaned: If you love a good fire in your fireplace, it is time to get it professionally cleaned before the chill sets in. If you don’t, the buildup of creosote in the lining and any clogs from leaves or nesting creatures can cause big problems, including risk of smoke and fire damage.
  • Leaves and Your Car: If you park your car outside, you have an increased risk of damage as the leaves fall. Leaves can clog vents, damage paint, and leave your car open to nesting rodents that can do further damage.

Fall Maintenance Avoids Winter Damage

While this is a great season, it also heralds winter, which can be quite brutal in New England as the Nor’easters blow in. Fall is your time to make sure your home is ready for it to avoid costly home repairs.

  • Preparing for Ice Dams: Ice dams form when water is trapped on your roof and freezes, forcing water through the roof. Ensuring your gutters are clear and attic spaces are insulated helps combat this, so you don’t have to deal with flooding and water damage.
  • Prepping Your Exterior: As temperatures plummet, freezing water can cause damage to your exterior. Inspect your home, including cracked driveways, sprinkler systems, and outdoor pipes, and get them prepped before the freeze sets in.
  • Setting Up Inside: As you start to close up toward winter, your home must be ready. You’ll want to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make a plan to manage air moisture. Dehumidifiers can help avoid humidity build up, which can lead to mold.

Of course, another part of your home maintenance should be reviewing your homeowners insurance! Each year, it pays to look over your policies, especially if you’re new to Massachusetts, and ensure you’re completely protected, including for the warmer parts of the year. Here at Safeside Insurance, we have you covered; we have over 30 years of experience helping Worcester County and greater Massachusetts homeowners get the right coverage for the right price. Contact us today to learn more or dive right into getting a quote!

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