Family party with children and BBQ grill at a house.

Your Homeowners Insurance and Summer Fun

We hope you’re having a great summer! Now’s a great time to reconnect with friends and family and get the most out of your outdoor spaces for parties, events, or just a little time in the pool. However, all these events and guests at your place also increase the chance of accidents and injury. It’s important to understand how your homeowners insurance and summer fun interact, where the risks are, and how you can improve your protection.

Examples of Summer Fun and Your Homeowners Insurance

Below we’re going to go over three instances of fun you might be having this summer, each with their own risks and coverage when it comes to your liabilities as a homeowner:

Having a BBQ Party at Your Home

While a grill and a party are a great time, it’s also a good example of two kinds of risk at your home. Grills can pose a threat of fire—the National Fire Protection Association tracked 8,900 house fires caused by grilling from 2009 to 2013. But having that many guests also increases the chance of personal injury. Learn more about how guests and parties interact with your homeowners insurance with our blog, Holiday Parties and Homeowners Insurance.

Young Children and Pools

Having a swimming pool is great for those hot New England summers, but can also be a significant liability, especially in situations where you’re going to have a lot of guests (especially children) using it. If a guest is injured using your pool, you could be looking at legal or medical expenses from the incident. Insurers may suggest increasing your liability coverage and installing further protections such as a fence to increase safety.

Fun Equipment Like Trampolines

Whether you’re looking to own or rent a piece of entertainment equipment such as a trampoline or inflatable play place, it’s important to know how it impacts your homeowners insurance. Sometimes called an “attractive nuisance” in policies, these objects have an increased risk of injury to children who may use them without understanding the risk. Depending on your policy, you may need to follow certain safety rules to ensure coverage.

Looking at Umbrella Insurance to Enhance Your Coverage

Having guest injuries, especially incidents affecting multiple guests, can quickly exhaust the liability coverage of your homeowners insurance policy. If you’re looking for deeper coverage and enhanced payout when it comes to liabilities, it’s time to look at umbrella insurance. For a low cost, this policy enhances your other existing policies—from homeowners to your car insurance—while also expanding the types of liabilities covered.

At Safeside Insurance, our goal is to help you customize your homeowners insurance and other policies to better fit your unique circumstances so you can relax and just have fun. We can help you bundle your insurances, find better policies from a wide array of carriers, and answer any questions you might have. Contact us today or dive right into a quote to learn why we believe everyone can find the Right Insurance for the Right Price.

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