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Preparing Your Car and Home for Winter in New England

Even in New England, winter weather can sneak up on you, especially with the often milder fall days. But when it does hit—especially that first Nor’easter blizzard—if you’re unaware, your home and car are often the first to suffer for it. Whether you suddenly find an ice dam forming on your roof or are stuck in your car during a storm, learn how to mitigate the risks by preparing your car and home for winter when it strikes in Massachusetts.

Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather and Driving

When the snow starts falling, one of our first concerns is how it will affect our drive. Whether for commuting or errands, having your car ready for snow and ice is essential. Start with:

  • Getting a Winter Tune-Up: Get your car checked to avoid winter-related issues, including getting antifreeze levels checked, ensuring your battery is still good (cold weather can rapidly drain old batteries), and guaranteeing sparkplugs, belts, and hoses are all tight.
  • Keeping Winter Auto Tools on Hand: Make sure your snow chains have been moved to the car, you have jumper cables, and your ice scraper of choice is stowed away. The last thing you want is to be caught away from home when you need any of these items.
  • Packing a Car Emergency Kit: If your car is caught in a sudden blizzard or immobilized in a car accident during winter, an emergency kit can be vital. Stock it with flashlights, flares, a phone charger, blankets, food, and sand or kitty litter for tire traction. Learn more on gov.

Preparing Your Home for Common Winter Problems

When the cold weather starts coming in, your home can feel like a castle against winter. And the key to any siege is preparation. Having a few things on hand and inspecting your home can help avoid serious problems down the line.

  • Supplies to Have on Hand: Make sure you’ve got the tools for cleaning walkways and driveways, including snow shovels, sand, and snow-melt chemicals, which are especially important for guests. Also, be prepared for a power outage due to ice on the power lines by having alternative light and phone charging options.
  • Get Your Chimney and Insulation Inspected: Two big problems for homes in winter are chimney fires and ice dams. Get your chimney inspected for creosote build-up and your roof (or attic) insulation checked to avoid ice dams forming on your roof (as well as cleaning those gutters).
  • Fighting Winter Humidity: Once you’ve sealed up your home for winter, humidity can become a big problem, leading to water damage and mold in your home. Using stove and bathroom fans can help vent away humid air, and leaving doors open can promote better circulation.

At the Safeside Insurance Agency, our goal is to customize your insurance—including home, auto, renters, business, and more—to fit your unique circumstances. For New England winters, we know all about the risks to your home, car, and more—after all, we’ve been weathering the winters here in Worcester County and greater Massachusetts for over 30 years! Contact us today to learn more or jump right to getting a quote!

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