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Exploring RMV Alternatives for License Plates

There are many jokes about having to go to the Registry for Motor Vehicles (RMV) in Massachusetts or other states’ equivalent. And while they might be jokes, there’s a nugget of truth to most of them. So, instead of having to drive to the nearest center that’s open and getting in a line, what are your RMV alternatives for license plates? Today, we’re going to highlight how stopping by Safeside Insurance in Worcester saves time and provides a better experience when it comes to new plates, transfers, and renewals.

Visting Safeside for License Plates

While we’re an independent insurance agency, first and foremost, we at Safeside pride ourselves on being able to provide complimentary services to customers. Offering life and disability insurance through our partnership with Ryan Grande makes sense, and so does being a state-certified issuer of new MA license plates alongside providing auto insurance. So, how does it work?

  • Standard Pricing and Short Wait Times: We keep things short and sweet here. We offer plates at $25 each, with wait times of typically 5 minutes.
  • Types of Plates Issued: We offer standard MA plates for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.
  • License Plate Transfers and Renewals: Don’t need a new plate? We can also help with transferring current plates to a new vehicle or renewing an expiring plate.
  • Vanity and Specialty Plates: While we only have standard MA plates at our agency, we can request them at our location to be sent to you via mail and issue temporary plates till they arrive.

When You Need to Go to the RMV

Of course, outside of license plates, you may still need to go to the RMV in person or visit them online at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website. While we can issue new plates, you’ll still need to register a vehicle at the RMV if you’re new to the state or it’s a new vehicle. But once you’ve gone to the Registry for registration and title, we can certainly help with new plates. To learn more, check out our blog, What Do You Need to Get New License Plates in MA?

So, skip the line at the RMV and come over to the Canal District in Worcester to visit Safeside Insurance! We’re proud to offer overlapping services and can talk to you about your auto insurance to make sure it doesn’t just cover the minimums but fits your specific needs. You can even get an auto insurance quote ahead of time in minutes and learn why, at Safeside Insurance, we believe in the right insurance at the right price. Need more help? Contact us directly or call us at (508) 753-8862.

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